Sneak Peek: The Village, Installment #1


“The Village” is the sequel to “The Pride.”

Synopsis of “The Pride:”

Four women have two things in common. They’re all mothers, and the father of their children is the same man.

Although Emmanuel does everything he can to provide for his own household, and four others, it’s just not enough to keep the mothers of his children from just scraping by.

Xavari convinces Denise, Angela and Romina that the four of them must pick up the slack where Emmanuel is unable.

Synopsis of “The Village:”

Now that Xavari, Denise, Angela, Romina and the children are in their communal home, the real work begins.

The mothers have different ways of raising their own children, which sometimes conflicts with the other mothers.

The older children get embroiled in a controversy they’re trying desperately to keep from the mothers and their father.

Two of the younger children have secrets, but neither one’s secret has anything to do with the other, but both secrets affect the entire family.

Emmanuel confronts his issues and discloses what he heard when he was hiding in the tree in “The Pride.”

All this and more happens in “The Village.”

Read the first sneak peek.

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